New Game+ (2016)

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+14 bonus tracks in the Bandcamp version:
b01 - Byproduct - Old is not Dead
b02 - Byproduct - Plasma Battery
b03 - Byproduct - Cybersynthesis
b04 - Byproduct - Quadrance
b05 - Byproduct - Cryo (edit)
b06 - Iku Mizutani - Shatterhand final level (Falcon & Byproduct remix)
b07 - Chris Hülsbeck - Turrican II Intro (Byproduct remix)
b08 - Kenny Chou - One Must Fall 2097 Theme (Byproduct remix)
b09 - K Nakamura - Technodrome (Byproduct remix)
b10 - Quazar - Funky Stars (Byproduct remix)
b11 - Timbral - Junkie 2149 (Byproduct remix)
b12 - Lukozade - Concorde (Byproduct remix)
b13 - Purple Motion - 2nd Reality OST (Byproduct remix)
b14 - Byproduct - Entropy

New Past (2011)

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Organisms (2008)

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Illusory Landscapes (2005)

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VA - MUKS Soundtrack (2013)

320 mp3 (free)

MUKS OST Tracklist:
01 Byproduct - MUKS Menu
02 John Peeba - Fire
03 Byproduct - Platform (MUKS edit)
04 Byproduct - Crysprism (MUKS edit)
05 John Peeba - Living Forms
06 Byproduct - Vector (MUKS edit)
07 Byproduct - Space Traveller (MUKS edit)
08 John Peeba - Palus Somni
09 John Peeba - Ianai
10 Alexander Brandon - Asteroid Dance (Byproduct remix)
11 Tmaqan - Quantum Messiah Internal Chaos
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Exit Dystopia (2017) Co-produced with Paokala
Satellite (2009) Fakebit tune for Sound of SceneSat vol 1.
Not much here
at the moment.
See the New Game+ bonus disc for 14 extra singles
Single tracks that are not included in any of the above albums


Digging Implements
"Strike the Earth!" and "An Underlying Problem"
from Shovel Knight (PC, 2014) by Jake Kaufman
Asteroid Dance (2013) "Asteroid Dance, Part 1" from Tyrian (PC, 1995)
by Alexander Brandon
Space Things (2013) "Hyperspace" by Riku Nuottajärvi (Star Control II, 1992 PC) and "Camanis" by Alexander Brandon (Tyrian, 1995 PC)
Take Turns (2013) "Rise or Fall" from Phantasy Star II (MegaDrive, 1990)
by Tokuhiko Uwabo
Asteroid Dance (2013) "Asteroid Dance, Part 1" from Tyrian (PC, 1995)
by Alexander Brandon
Technodrome (2012) Technodrome music from TMNT2: The Arcade Game
(NES, 1990) by K. Nakamura
Concorde (2012) Freeform tune by Lukozade (2003)
Junkie 2149 (2011) Atari tune by Timbral (2006)
Turrican II title (2009) Intro music of Turrican II (Amiga, 1991) by Chris Hülsbeck
2nd Reality OST (2008) PC demo music (1993) by Purple Motion
Shatterhand final (2007) Last stage of Shatterhand (NES, 1991) by Iku Mizutani
Remix co-produced with Falcon
OMF2097 Theme (2007) Main menu music of One Must Fall:2097 (PC, 1994)
by Kenny Chou
Funky Stars (2006) Fast Tracker (.xm) tune, also known as "Hybrid Song", by Quazar (1996)
Remade versions of some classic tunes from the past.


Live @ Animecon 2015
with Alek Száhala
Live set played with Alek Száhala at Animecon 2015 in Kuopio, Finland.

24 tracks of wildly varying genres, with many tunes edited specifically for this gig.

(tracklist) (.cue file)
Live @ Flashback Future

with VJ Sellekhanks
Live set played at Flashback Future
Gloria, Helsinki on 2014-01-03

1-hour mix of 16 tracks, with emphasis on game and chip sounds.

(tracklist) (.cue file) (event info)
Live @ Assembly 2010
with Alek Száhala
Live set played with Alek Száhala at Assembly 2010.

21 tracks in 90 minutes, including many remixes of classic game tunes.

(tracklist) (.cue file)
Live @ Alternative Party

with VJ Sellekhanks
Tracks from 2007–2009.

Played at Alternative Party 2009 and broadcasted as part of the SceneSat Altparty09 program.

(tracklist) (.cue file)
Live @ This is not Ibiza
Faster tracks from 2004–2006.

Played in Jyväskylä. The cold, grey and snowy northern Finland is indeed no Ibiza, and the theme of the night was to play music with that in mind.

Live @ Psylokivi preparty
Slower tracks from 2004–2006.

Played at Psylokivi preparty in Jyväskylä.

Live gigs that got recorded live or re-recorded at home.


Indie Game Mix
One-hour mix of indie game tunes.
(tracklist) (.cue file)
Keygen Payback
The third and last set of the remastered keygen music mixtape series. This set includes slower and more minimalistic tunes.

Played at Payback 2013.
(tracklist) (.cue file)
Keygen Stream
A DJ set of 49 remastered keygen tunes.

Played at Stream Nine
Keygen Island
A DJ set consisting entirely of tunes found in keygens. All tracks were individually remastered.

Played at Enonsaari Festival 2009.
(tracklist) (.cue file)
Ghost Hall C64
A DJ set consisting entirely of Commodore 64 tracks.

Played at an underground party at Aavehalli ("Ghost Hall") near a small Finnish town called Vierumäki.
Mixtapes contain music from other musicians. I have compiled them, but not produced the tracks myself.

Most of these mixes have been aired on SceneSat radio and are also available on their show archive and ReLive.